Dr.Mukesh A Patel

Mukesh A Patel

CEO [ MAP Technolab Pvt.Ltd. ]
Start : May 2013 to tilldate
Chief Executive [ Mukesh A. Patel Technical Consultancy & Civil Engineering Laboratory ]
Start : December 1994 to tilldate

Education Image

Ph.D. [Geo-Technical / Transportation Engineering]
M.E. [Soil Engineering]
B.E. - Civil Engineering [Major in Structural engineering]

    • Foundation design consultancy
    • Highway design, maintenance & Condition survey consultancy
    • Quality Audit of Infrastructure Projects
    • Ground Improvement consultancy
    • Slope stability Design consultancy
    • Structural design consultancy
    • Condition surveys, Repair & Rehabilitation consultancy of Concrete structures
    • Field, Laboratory testing & Mix Design of Road and Building construction material
  • Structural Designer Grade-I, Engineer and Supervisor/ Clerks of works
    • Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority
    • Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
    • Gandhinagar Urban Development Authority
    • Gujrat Industrial Development Corporation

    Approval Valuer
    • Department of Income tax, Govt. of India
  • Structural Designer Grade-I, Engineer and Supervisor/ Clerks of works
    • Laboratory testing of Civil engineering materials
    • Expert Lecture for students of Tatva Institute of Technological Studies, Modasa,
    • Overview of Geotechnical Laboratory Testing
    • Expert Lecture for students of SOCET, Ahmedabad,
    • Road Design and Quality Control
    • Training Program for GIDC, Gandhinagar,
    • Research Methodology
    • Expert Lecture for Final Year students of UVPEC, Kherva,
    • Highway Maintenance Treatments
    • Expert Lecture for Hasmukh Goswami college of engineering,
    • Recent Advancement in Highway Engineering
    • Expert Lecture for Ganpat University Students,
    • Self-Compacting Concrete
    • Expert Lecture for SVBIT
    • Design of Flexible Pavement
    • Training on operation and maintenance of highways for Managers of L&T IDPL,
    • Material Characterization for Pavement Design According IRC 37 2012
    • National Workshop on “Mechanistic-Empirical Design of Flexible Pavement", CODAL PROVISIONS FOR GROUND IMPROVEMENT TECHNIQUES
    • Workshop on Ground Improvement Technique-2014, Case studies of Soil stabilization
    • Advancement in Geo-Technical Engineering-2013, 6/2013 http://www.svnit.ac.in Case studies of Soil Stabilization by Fly ash, Copper slag and other locally Available Materials
    • Design of Rigid Pavement Guest Lecture, 10/2013 http://www.svnit.ac.in
    • Design of Rigid Pavement using M-E Approach using IRC: 37-2012
    • Subgrade strength parameter prediction from Plasticity Index, Dry Density and DCP - National seminar on Advances in Geotechnical Engineering (AGE-2013)
    • Prediction of Subgrade Strength Parameters from Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Index, Modified Liquid Limit and Moisture Content Elsevier Ltd. (2nd Conference of Transportation Research Group of India-CTRG) http://www.sciencedirect.com
    • Experimental investigation to predict PBT, UCS & CBR Values from DCP for Cement-Fly ash Stabilized soil Indian Highways (Indian Road Congress (IRC) journal), 9/2013 https://www.irc.org.in
    • Effect of Coarse Aggregate Characteristics on Strength Properties of High-Performance Concrete using Mineral and Chemical Admixtures International Journal of Civil Engineering https://ijce.iust.ac.ir
    • Regression model for subgrade strength evaluation from Dynamic cone Penetration Index and Moisture content Emerging Vistas of Technology in 21st century-NCEVT13
    • Disposed waste stabilization using Pozzolanic materials Water & Ground Pollution: prediction, Prevention and Control
    • Laboratory Assessment to Correlate Strength Parameter from Physical properties of Subgrade Elsevier Ltd, 1/2013 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii /S1877705813000301
    • Laboratory Investigation to Correlate Strength Parameter from Physical characteristics of Subgrade 1st National conference on innovative & Emerging technologies (NCIET)
    • Stabilized Soils Integrating Combinations of Hydrated Lime and Fly Ash International Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering https://recentscience.org/ijce-international-journal-of-civil-engineering-and-env
    • Experimental Study to Correlate the Test Results of PBT, UCS, and CBR with DCP on Various soils in soaked condition International Journal of Engineering (IJE) http://www.ije.ir
    • Experimental Study on Various Soils to Correlate DCP with PBT, UCS and CBR Results International Journal of earth sciences and engineering https://cafetinnova.org/journals/ijee/lrm;
    • A review on effects of stabilizing agents for stabilization of weak soils Civil and Environmental research https://www.iiste.org/Journals/index.php/CERlrm;
    • Utilization of Fly Ash and Hydrated Lime for Reclamation of Municipal Dumping Ground - International Journal of Civil, Structural, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering Research and Development (IJCSEIERD) https://tjprc.org/journals.php?jtype=2&id=11lrm;
    • Correlation between physical properties and California bearing ratio test on soils of Gujarat region in both soaked and unsoaked condition International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology (IJCIET) https://www.iaeme.com/ijciet.asplrm;
    • Laboratory Assessment to Correlate DCP and Optimum Moisture Content with Strength Characteristic of Subgrade International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) https://www.ijera.com/lrm;
    • Experimental Investigation on Cement- Fly ash Stabilized Soil to Formulate Correlation between DCP and PBT, UCS & CBR Tests Results International Journal of Advanced Engineering Technology https://www.technicaljournalsonline.com/ijeat
    • Chartered Engineer, Institute of Engineers (India)
    • Indian Road Congress
    • Indian Geotechnical Society
    • Indian Concrete Institute
    • International Society of Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering
    • American Concrete Institute, India Chapter
    • Institute of Valuers
    • Registered, 1/2014
    • In situ soil quality (in terms of CBR, UCS and K-Value) monitoring equipment.
    • GEZIA Award
      Outstanding Contribution Towards Infrastructure Development
    • Best model award from MORTH, New Delhi and MNIT, Jaipur
      For development of soil analyzer equipment (Quick and reliable in situ soil quality monitoring tool)
    • Dr. Ajanta Sachan Award In Geo-technical Engineering
      For great research work in field on geotechnical engineering.
  • My key skills are
    • A born leader; inspires others to work at their highest level
    • Able to generate enthusiasm in others
    • Analytical and versatile thinker; effective in developing and carrying out ideas
    • Can be counted on to complete assignments without supervision
    • Able to plan, prioritize and implement activities
    • Committed to bring about real and practical results in people’s lives
    • Ability to work creatively and effectively with staff and managers
    • Proven success in increasing sales and customer base
    • Inspires and supports others to work at their highest level
    • Highly creative and innovative; not afraid to take risks
    • Able to learn and comprehend new systems and methods quickly
    • Successful in generating good-will and restoring confidence
    • Effective in delivering presentations that generate new business

External Examiner

Ganpat University
Kadi University
SVNIT, Surat
CEPT University
CHARUSAT University, Changa
R.K., University, Rajkot


Company Academic MOU

SVNIT, Surat
PDPU, Gandhinagar
LDCE, Ahmedabad
VGCE, Chandkheda
GEC, Patan