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Our clients can avail calibration services for pressure measuring instrument from us. These instrument are extensively used in various industries for the requirement of measuring pressure and vacuum. Below are the types Of pressure measuring instrument for calibration purposes:

  • Pressure gauges (All types)
  • Diffrent process transmitters
  • Pressure switches
  • Manometer
  • Vacuum gauges
  • DTP based level transmitters
  • Pressure recorders
  • Barometer
  • Pressure transmitters
  • DPT based flow transmitters
  • I to P converters
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We provide Calibration Services for wide range of mechanical Instrument which are mostly using in Engineering and civil construction company such as,

  • Outside Micrometer (All type)
  • Dial Indicator (All type)
  • Depth Vernier (All type)
  • Bevel Protector (All angel measurement)
  • Measuring Tape/Scale
  • Inside Micrometer (All type)
  • Bore Gauge
  • Feeler Gauge
  • Test sieves
  • surface plate
  • Vemier caliper (All type)
  • Height Gauge (All type)
  • Pin Gouge (All type)
  • Proving Ring
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We Provide Calibration Services For Wide Range Of Elecctro Technical Instrument Such As,

  • Multimeter
  • Megger/insulation tester
  • Power meters (watt meters)
  • Kwh meters
  • Mains frequency meters
  • Stop watch
  • AC/DC clamp meters (tong tester)
  • Mirco Ohm meters
  • Kilowatt meters
  • Power factor meters
  • Earth contact / leakage current tester
  • Ammeters/voltmeters (digital or analogue)
  • Resistivity meter
  • Energy meters
  • Current transformers/ dc shunt
  • Power analyzer
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we provide calibration services for temperature parameters to calibrate Thermal Instrument we have Liquid & dry block calibrator. Range from - 300 C to + 12000 C. For Example :

  • Glass thermometers
  • Dial thermometers
  • PT – 100 probes
  • Digital thermometers
  • All type Sensors
  • Pyrometers
  • Temperature Gouge
  • Thermocouple
  • Non-contoct type temp. indicators
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We provide calibration services for different kinds of measuring Instrument Which are used in Laboratory area For Example :

  • Sound Level Meter
  • Thermo Hygrometer
  • RPM
  • Lux/Meter
  • Weighing Balance
  • Weight Box
  • Anemometer
  • Hardness (All type)
  • Volume
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We provide Calibration services for different kinds of Laboratory instrument which find applications in various areas for controlling different process For Example :

  • Pressure transmitters
  • Level transmitters (D.P.T. Based)
  • I/P converters (current to pressure)
  • Temperature transmitters
  • Limit switches(pressure, Temp)
  • 4-20 MA valve positioners
  • F/V converters (frequency to voltage)
  • Flow (D.P.T.Based)
  • P.I.D. controller for Process Variables
  • Electro-magnatic flow meters
  • Electrnic/pneumatic indicators/ controllers recorders
  • Sensing elements – thermocouple R.T.D., ph. conductivity
  • Pneumatic valve positioners